Moebius的逝世震动了整个Comic industry,诸多主流动漫网站(例如Cartoon BrewThe Comics JournalComics Alliance)都在首页显著位置登出了这则不幸的消息,3次元和2次元里相关的纪念活动正陆续展开。

身为法国漫画家,Moebius的作品有着美国科幻作品所没有的艺术美感与思维维度,他被称作是想象王国的泰坦。以下是1980年Moebius接受Heavy Metal的记者Diana K. Bletter采访的节选

Moebius: A while ago, [science fiction] was filled with monstrous rocket ships and planets; it was a naive and materialistic vision, which confused external space with internal space, which saw the future as an extrapolation of the present. It was a victim of an illusion of a technological sort, of a progression without stopping towards a consummation of energy. But we’ve completely changed that vision. It’s been a sharp, radical change, and somewhat brutal.
HM: Why brutal?
Moebius: Because all those beautiful projects we believed in are gone. But the real sense of science fiction is the discovery that the voyage is interior, and the real energy, the rockets of the past, is what is contained in people’s spirits.
HM: One doesn’t have to read other people’s visions then, one can make the discovery oneself?
Moebius: Well, that, and also the fact that the “new planet” of old science fiction is right here: it’s the Earth.